We produce plastic bottles only from certified and tested materials and colors that guarantee high quality.

In our company 25% of all plastics processed are recycled. We have long-standing contracts with all our suppliers, which allows us to always have access to raw materials, especially recycled material, in uncertain times.

We have 35 modern blow molding machines from HESTA, which produce a wide range of bottles - in different colors, materials (PE-RHDPE, PP-RPP, PVC and PET-G) and sizes (bottles from 5 ml up to 1500 ml), allowing flexibility and adaptability to shorter delivery times.

We also have 10 new PET machines from NISEEI ASB. They are used to produce PET and RPET packaging.

Aero-polyplast d.o.o.

We treat each customer individually and help to find the optimal solution according to their needs and wishes.

We provide our customers with complete solutions in the field of plastic packaging. We advise on product development from idea, conception, and implementation, as well as on project conception (design, tooling, sample production) and on the selection of bottles, caps, sprays, printing, etc.